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 Forum rules-READ IF NEW

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Forum rules-READ IF NEW Empty
PostSubject: Forum rules-READ IF NEW   Forum rules-READ IF NEW Icon_minitimeSun Jan 20, 2013 8:51 pm

Hello, We would like to welcome you to _Hype_ , You can Acess our clan chat by Clicking Portal on the Tabs above.

Before you Start Posting there are some basic ground rules to be laid down.

No spamming Or flaming other members:
This can be very annoying, if this happens to you report it to a Moderator or Admin immediately, We can then deal with the issue without it becoming worse.

No Begging for Rank Of Admin
This is very annoying for staff and Moderators, You Cannot Earn admin, The Most you can Earn is a Moderator position, But they are still limited, Try to do good deeds to help out the clan members and even the clan itself.

Keep swearing at a minimum
Swearing is allowed , as long as it is suitable, Not everyone here is the same age as you, and this could b quite annoying and could encourage our younger members to start swearing.

Label thing not suitable for Children Work ect
If you have to post a rude or 'Dirty' picture on these forums make sure you mark the post with the NSFW/S tag:
NSFW - look at this dog - is just a example of this.

No porn posting
Do not post porn under any circumstances, thsi could result in a ban for a day, and if continued a endless ban.

Do not post illegal torrents:
Do not post links to illegal downloads, like Minecraftforfree downloads or 'how to get games for free', Most of the time these are illegal, and they are for a reason.

Do not hotlink to other sites
Especially not to porn site either, This could result in removal of your account from these forums,
Example : WWW.thisisnotpornbutisaexample.org - Do not post obscene links.

Only one account
Do note make fifty from the same IP address, we will know its you, If it is needed, we will allow you to create up to 2 more user accounts, ONLY IF NEEDED.

Last but not least:
No advertising, We hate it, and so do other forumers,
Thanks for reading
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Forum rules-READ IF NEW
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